The 2014 Tour of Japan

The Tour of Japan Begins,

The Tour of Japan Begins,

like almost all of our tours, at the airport in Schwechat. We have our own check-in counter, and everyone has a brand-new Samsonite suitcase.

We have eight weeks in the land of the rising sun ahead of us, 33 concerts from Tokyo to Nagano, from Okinawa to Sapporo. We are particularly excited about seeing the Japanese landscape (and cityscapes!), temples, gardens, we are looking forward to hotel life and getting to know the Japanese way of life, to shopping trips and the famous Tsukiji fish market. Most of all, we live in anticipation of the music and our audience. Luis and Nicolas have memorised maps of Japan, Florian has internalised the contents of his guide book, and Joel and Dorian have learned a few Japanese words and phrases - if they run out of steam, they will ask Atsushi for help: dja mata, Nippon!