Boys Choir Festival

in Bad Tölz, Germany

Boys Choir Festival in Bad Tölz

This weekend promises to offer excellent entertainment and high spirits in Bad Tölz. At the invitation of the Tölz Boys Choir, three famous choirs meet to sing together and - naturally - to play football, European style.

It is a kind of musical Champions League: The Augsburg Cathedral Boys Choir, the Tölz Boys Choir, and the Vienna Boys Choir are set to meet, for the first time. All three choirs will perform sacred and secular music, proving that - while they may sound angelic - boys choirs definitely rock! Arthur Trainacher, Vice President of the Vienna Boys Choir, explains, "Singing is an incredible way to express yourself. Which is why it is important for children - and boys in particular - to sing. There are many personalities in a choir, and they have to band together to make music. That is quite a feat. We are delighted to have been invited by the Tölz Boys Choir. This festival is an important encounter, and we hope there will be many to follow."

While the audience - some of whom have come from as far afield as Japan - is looking forward to two concerts of first-class music, the boys are thinking of three hard-fought football matches.