Pause for Thought: Courage

A meditation in music and words, with actress Maria Happel

Pause for Thought: Courage
- with Maria Happel

The theme of the third concert of the series is courage; actress Maria Happel investigates the topic with the Vienna Boys Choir. "Courageous" songs include songs of the Brazilian Kraó tribe, jungle noises, a Japanese fishing song, motets by Poulenc and Schubert, as well as a bhajan from India.

The evening's main piece is the "Missa confidentiae" by Johann Joseph Fux. Fux, a farmer's son from Styria, became a member of the Chapel Imperial in Vienna in 1711. He wrote a series of masses on Christian virtues.

Courage is something we need in our lives; but how do we come by it? One answer may be song - Edith Piaf certainly proved it. In tonight's show, Maria Happel sings "Non, je ne regrette rien", with the Vienna Boys Choir backing her up.

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