Children's opera @MuTh: The Little Sweep

Philipp Krenn directs Benjamin Britten's famous opera for children

Children's opera @MuTh: The Little Sweep, by Benjamin Britten

Philipp Krenn directs Britten's famous opera for children.

What happens when children set out to invent their own opera? We follow the making of a piece from the initial idea to completed production. Plans are concocted, plots devised, grown-up helpers drafted, sets constructed and scenes rehearsed – “Let’s make an opera”, as Britten titled that part of the story.

The children agree to tell the story of the boy Sammy, who is sold by his father to Black Bob, the brutal chimney sweep. A few clever children and their nanny help him to escape. They clean the sooty Sammy, feed him, and hide him under their toys. And when the ghastly housekeeper Miss Baggott threatens to discover Sam's hiding place, somebody quickly pretends to faint.

Powered by their imagination, the young actors take us on a journey back- and onstage.

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