Emotional Farewell

Headmaster HR Markus Blauensteiner retires from the Vienna Boys Choir School after 14 years at the helm
Markus Blauensteiner started his career in 1977, teaching mathematics at Diefenbach Grammar School. Two years on, he switched to Albertus Magnus Grammar School, where he discovered he had a knack for administration. In 2003, the Vienna Boys Choir was looking for a new headmaster, and Blauensteiner applied. It was a perfect match: Blauensteiner's love of music made him the ideal headmaster for a school catering to serious young musicians.

The soft-spoken Blauensteiner is behind a number of innovations on campus; the foundation of the Senior High School for boys and girls, the foundation of the Vienna Boys Choir Academy in Hong Kong, and the foundation of the Musicological Research Centre all fell within his time as headmaster.

In 14 years, he has mentored and influenced more than 2000 girls and boys at the Vienna Boys Choir schools. Last week, students and colleagues gave him an emotional farewell - with lots of music.