From Austria With Love

Live Experience Online until 12 October
From Austria With Love - 45 minutes of joyful music from Austria - fans from all over the world have sent in their words of praise for the 100 choir boys and their conductors. It is a rare treat indeed to experience all four choirs in the same concert - under normal circumstances, you would see only one of the touring groups. The programme features - besides folk tunes from all over Austria - two choral settings by Franz Schubert, arguably the most famous alumnus of the Vienna Boys Choir. There is - naturally - also music by members of the Strauss family. Voting took place on Instagram and Facebook, and the Blue Danube Waltz won by the slimmest of margins: 1 vote!

The World Online Tour is our big chance to secure our survival, and to afford both the children and the audience a hopefully spectacular event. In this unique live performance, you will see the combined efforts of all 100 choristers, and of a large film crew with six cameras, which enables the audience to see the excitement and joy of the young artists.

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Every ticket sold helps us survive.

Thank you!

This concert was filmed live in the Palace's State Rooms in September, and will be online for you to enjoy until 12 October.

For more on our World Online Tour, see here.